The library is opened

In the basement of the theory building of the State Ballet School and School of Artistry Berlin in the rooms 1.U1.10 and 1.U1.11.When is it open? From February 11, 2020 on Tuesdays from 12 to 2 p.m. (except during holidays).

What do you find there?
Great books on the topics
• Dance (e.g., Classical Dance, Modern Dance, Dance Theater, Biographies, Dance History, Dance Theory, Dance Photography, Dance Education, Dance Medicine, Dance Education and much more)
• Artistry (pantomime, acrobatics, biographies, History of Artistry and more)• Music (such as biographies, music history, pop culture, ballet music, and more)
• fine arts (such as stage design, architecture, painting, sculpture, art history and more)
• Theater (dramas, comedies, theater stories and more)
• Literature (children's books, fiction, fairy tales)

Who is allowed to use the library?
All pupils, students, teachers and staff of the State Ballet School and School of Artistry may borrow books free of charge and read some books only in the library's rooms. Prerequisite for borrowing books and DVDs is the user card. You can get it in the rooms of the library and bring it with you whenever you want to use the library. You can also use the workplaces in the library for the preparation of lectures, exams etc.

How long can you borrow the books?
You have 4 weeks, then you can extend the deadline for another 4 weeks.

Is there also a catalog in which I can check which books exist on which topics? Yes, under you can log in and then enter keywords that you can use to find books on your topic.

Where can I find DVD's?
As previously in the premises of the sound director. There are no regular opening hours, the lending takes place, as long as the room is occupied. I am looking forward to your visit.

Library rules (as of September 2023) (german only)
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