Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

We will be happy to advise you by phone or email on any matters regarding the education at the Berlin School for Acrobatic Arts. Before you pick up the phone or send us your question by email though, check first of all whether you can find the answer to your question in the list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) with answers that we have put together for you.

What costs do we have to reckon with for the education?

Education is free of charge.

The costs for boarding school accommodation are €260 per month.

 ● What kind of catering or menu is being offered?

The company >>>Vielfaltmenü GmbH offers healthy full board at reasonable terms.
All meals must be pre-ordered. An account is required for this. This can be set up on the page linked above.
The codes needed for this process will be handed out to every student on request.

Frequently asked questions will be answered >>>here.

Current prices:

Breakfast €5,55
Lunch and dinner 6,86 each.

 ● Does the free education apply to foreign students too?

-  Yes, education is also free to students from abroad.

Is the training and education eligible for a BAföG grant?

The BAföG grant is not exclusively reserved for German nationals. BAföG counts both European citizens and foreigners among the recipients entitled to claim this grant as long as they have a residence permit and personally meet the individual requirements for the grant.

The BAföG student grant can already be applied for in Year 10.

Can you attend lessons without being a student at the school?
There is the option of attending an acrobatic arts seminar for external people. The costs are €5,340 per semester.

Is the “Abitur” (German equivalent to A-levels) a “fully-fledged” Abitur?
Yes. Upon successful completion of the vocational secondary school you obtain the general higher education entrance qualification certificate that entitles you to study at any higher education institution.

Can you also be accepted at the school if you have already completed the “Abitur” (German equivalent to A-levels)?
Yes, it is possible to be accepted even if you have already finished school. In Years 11 to 13 the education and training is continued within the vocational college; it ends with the examination to become an officially certified acrobatic artist. Previous knowledge of acrobatics arts is required. You are required to present a certificate, in the case of foreign applicants a translated and certified copy.

● Can I also start the training later as a “lateral entrant”?
Yes. Besides your specific artistic aptitude, it also checked whether you have an educational background appropriate to the level you wish to join at.

● How can I register for the aptitude test?
On our website under Service à Links & Downloads, you can find registration forms which you can return to us filled in by email or post.

● How can I prepare best for the aptitude test to start in Year 5?
-      It is definitely sensible to already be actively involved in sport before you start in Year 5, for example at a gymnastics, acrobatics or circus club.

● What should you be able to do for the aptitude test for Year 11 to stand a chance of being accepted into the school?

You should show us an artistic performance (any genre you like), which can already be recognised as having a certain professional quality. The performance should be about five minutes long and presented with musical accompaniment and in costume.

● Can I go back to my old school at any time if I lose motivation during the course of the training or other reasons result in me having to end the training?
Yes, that would be possible. If this should happen, everyone receives the support of the school management team, if required.

● Will I also have performances during the training?

Throughout the training, students have the opportunity to make public appearances at school events or events organised elsewhere and gain the necessary experience on stage through lots of practical tests. The breadth ranges from being involved in Berlin variety show programmes or events at the Friedrichstadt-Palast to gala performances for companies and being involved in major public sports award ceremonies for the State of Berlin.

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