Friends’ Association

Verein zur Förderung von Artistik und Ausbildung an der Schule für Artistik e.V.
(Association to support and promote the acrobatic arts and training at the School for Acrobatic Arts)

 The “ALLEZ-HOPP” Friends’ Association helps and supports the only State School for Acrobatic Arts in Germany. The Berlin School for Acrobatic Arts was founded in 1956 as the “State Vocational School for Acrobatic Arts and has been combined with the Berlin State Ballet School since 1991.

The school allows students to complete professional training using different models and culminating in the officially certified acrobatic artist qualification combined with the school education curriculum, including obtaining the general higher education entrance qualification certificate. Education and training take place in a new unique hall that has been specifically designed for training acrobats.

The Friends’ Association’s responsibilities include: • Grants for work material, such as props or costumes for students.• Supporting curricular and extra-curricular activities. • Supporting students with participation in competitions. • Fostering the community spirit between parents, teachers and students. Become a member and experience and support the artistic development of the acrobatic arts students!

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Verein zur Förderung von Artistik und Ausbildung
a.d. Schule f. Artistik Berlin e.V.
10409 Berlin

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Unterstützen Sie die künstlerische Entwicklung der Artistenschülerinnen und Artistenschüler durch eine Spende oder durch Sponsoring, denn Könner brauchen Gönner. Wir sind ein gemeinnütziger Verein und Ihre Spenden sind steuerlich absetzbar.

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