Vocational training / Acrobatic Arts

The Berlin School for Acrobatic Arts is the only school in Germany that offers an internationally recognised qualification as an officially certified acrobatic artist which is combined with a general education curriculum in an integrated system.
The double qualification of 9 years of professional acrobatic artist training with integrated general education starts in Year 5.
Year 5 + 6            1st and 2nd year of training – basic acrobatic arts training: strength, coordination, agility, stamina, acrobatics, artistic gymnastics and dance
Year 7 + 8            3rd and 4th year of training – basic training (acrobatics, juggling, trapeze, tightrope, equilibristics, group performance)
Year 9 + 10          5th and 6th year of training – preparation for specialisation
Year 11 - 13         7th to 9th year of training or 1st to 3rd year of training for lateral entrants – specialisation in vocational training

Entrance requirements
The prerequisite for admission is successfully passing the entrance exam where the following aptitude is tested:
-      Talent for movement
-      Physical ability
-      Coordination skills
-      Floor acrobatics
-      Artistic expression
-      Personal physical and artistic skills
-      Aesthetic appearance

Prior knowledge in one artistic genre is also tested in Year 4 and for admission into Year 11.

Aptitude tests are held several times a year. The entrance exam also entails a medical check-up.

You can find the next dates for entrance exams and aptitude tets under Dates.

Entrance requirements for lateral entrants
Lateral entrants, i.e. applicants who would like to start the training after the 1st year of training, have to be integrated into the artist training classes and general education classes based on their age.

Applications to start Years 6 to 9 should be submitted by video (e.g. using YouTube) or DVD. The registration form and a copy of the last two school reports must also be submitted. It is not possible to join Year 10.

You can find the registration forms for aptitude tests under SERVICE.

The training ends with the vocational college qualification as an officially certified acrobatic artist.

Anyone attending our in-house vocational secondary school on recommendation can obtain the general higher education entrance qualification certificate at the same time. Anyone who attends the vocational secondary school until the end of Year 12 and can prove one-year attendance at the vocational college obtains the general university of applied sciences entrance qualification certificate.

Team of teachers
The team of teachers for the artistic training consists of national and international former artists who can pass their practical knowledge onto students and therefore have great expertise and experience in vocational training.

Education is free of charge. However, costs must be taken into account for clothing, teaching and learning resources, accident and liability insurance and daily provisions.

The costs for accommodation at the school’s own boarding school are €240 per month.

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Dates and deadlines

Important dates at a glance

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